My Favorite Beauty Products Right Now

When it comes to my favorite beauty products, I tend to be super loyal. That is, it takes a lot to earn a spot in my star line-up! I’ve tried too many makeup, skincare, and hair care products to count over the years and finally landed on my absolute favorites in all categories. Today, I’m sharing what I swear by when it comes to beauty, taking care of my skin, and what I use to style my hair. Keep reading to get the full breakdown!

FYI I'm 37 and I've never had any botox, fillers, or injections.

1. IT Cosmetics CC Cream: This is a newer favorite of mine, maybe within the last 6 months, but it quickly moved to the top as one of my all-time must-have makeup products. If you haven't tried the IT Cosmetics CC cream, you're missing out. It has THE BEST coverage without feeling heavy. Lasts all day, and keeps my oily skin looking flawless. I wear shade medium. More IT Cosmetics favorites here.

2. tarte Shape Tape Concealer: Hands down the best concealer I've every used. There's a reason this has a cult following. It covers the darkest circles leaving you bright-eyed for day or night. I wear light neutral 22N

3. Beauty Blender: If you aren't using a beauty blender to blend out your makeup, especially concealer, you need to get one ASAP! Make sure to dampen then pat dry before each makeup application. This helps product to go on best!

4. Setting Powder: Never thought in a million years I'd spend this much on a setting powder, but here we are. It was recommended by beauty blogger Emily Gemma and I've never been happier with a powder. It literally blurs your skin to create a flawless photo-finish. The good news is a little goes a long way!

5. Bronzer: I got this bronzer about six months ago after so many of you recommended it! Most bronzers tend to be flat, but this one creates a natural sunkissed glow. I wear the radiant finish. Bonus: Hourglass products are 100 percent cruelty-free!

6. Eyeshadow Palette: This is for all you no-fuss makeup gals. I pretty much never change my eye-shadow routine, so just having a few neutrals is all I need. This palette is clean and perfect for minimal beauty looks!

7. Mascara: One of my holy-grail mascaras and has been for years. I still continue to try new ones, just to see if there is anything better. A few have come close and I'll keep them on rotation, but this one is still my favorite! Use with this primer for even more lush lashes!

8. Brow Pencil: Another product I've used for at least 5 years now. 100% the best brow pencil. It's so precise and lasts all day! I wear color 002 Universal Brown. To keep eyebrow hairs in place use this brow gel!

9. Lipstick: I got this lipstick last year and it immediately become my everyday lipstick. The packaging is beautiful, the color is stunning and it lasts all day! I wear color 201 Painted Veil (matte)

Makeup Products

1. Elemis Cleansing Balm: Cleansing balms are THE BEST for removing makeup, if you haven't tried one yet, this is my favorite. I love the rose scent. Use code AMY20 for a discount

2. Vitamin C Serum: This is a new product for me (within the last 2 months), but I already love it so much! My skin is definitely looking more even and bright! If you're not familiar with Beautycounter, they are all clean products!

3. Vintner's Daughter Serum: This will forever be one of my holy-grail skincare products. I've talked about it for years; its perfect for age prevention, dry skin (although I have oily skin and love it), fighting fine lines & wrinkles. It's an active botanical face oil that restores skin's balance, texture and natural radiance. YES PLEASE.

4. Dark Spot Corrector: Another new product I've added into my routine to help reduct dark spots. It can be used all over or spot treatment. Helps visibly reduce dark spots, hyperpigmentation, and post-acne marks. I apply this after my serums!

5. Anti-Pollution Drops: This lightweight & clean serum is a daily skin defense serum that shields against daily pollution and blue light generated by computers and phones to help fight environmental aggressors that cause aging. 100% a must-have!

6. Eye Serum: I've tried A LOT of eye creams, and this is the one I keep coming back too. There is just something about it that leaves my eyes feeling nourished!

7. Moisturizer: Yes, La Mer is worth it. Yes, there are other moisturizers that are great too, however, this one is still my favorite. A luxuriously rich cream that deeply soothes, moisturizes and helps heal dryness so skin looks naturally vibrant and restored to health. Especially great for these winter months!

8. Lip Balm: I have one of these lip balms stored all over the house, my car, handbags, you name it. It's the only lip balm I've tried that doesn't leave my lips feeling dry or dehydrated shortly after. I stock up on them any time I'm at the beauty store!

9. Acne Healing Dots: I got into more detail about these acne spot treatments here, but if you ever have a blemish, these are a game changer!

Skincare Products

1. Shampoo: I've been using Living Proof for about 2 years now (I alternate shampoo/conditioner each wash), but this one always stays on rotation. My hair always feels the cleanest after using! It smoothes hair, polishes and protects stands, creates visibly healthier hair over time and helps repel dirt and oil to keep hair cleaner, longer. Paraben-free; sulfate-free; phthalate-free; silicone-free, great for all hair types.

2. Conditioner: A weightless conditioner that helps deliver beautiful, healthy hair by improving its appearance over time. I only apply conditioner to the ends of my hair. Paraben-free; sulfate-free; phthalate-free; silicone-free, great for all hair types.

3. Heat Protectant: One of the most important products you can use on your hair is a heat protectant! This thermal protection spray repairs split ends, nourishes, softens and strengthens the hair, giving it healthy body and shine.

4. Hair Dryer: 100% the Dyson hair dryer is worth it. Give your hair the treatment it needs and protect it from extreme heat damage, with fast drying and controlled styling to increase smoothness and shine.

5. Curling Wand: The best curling wand for creating effortless beachy waves! I use the 1" and wrap hair away from my face. For a full tutorial check out my IGTV.

6. Hair Brush: This is an absurd amount to spend on a hair brush, but I promise it will be the best hair brush you'll ever use, especially if you need help detangling. Heat resistant, glue free, anti-static, easy to maneuver, and light in the hand, grab this hair brush and thank me later!

7. Dry Shampoo: I have to use a powder dry-shampoo since anything else makes my hair heavy and oily. This one has been a favorite for years. It's vegan/cruelty free and after one application, I can go 1-2 days before needing to reapply more (or wash my hair).

8. Split End Seal: A serious silkening serum and split-end mender that is clinically proven to restore, fortify and preserve tresses of every shade. This is especially good for my hair as I haven't been able to go to the salon as often for hair trims!

9. Slip Hair Ties: Reduct hair breakage with these silk hair ties. These scrunchies were designed to avoid hair creases. They are made with specially selected elastic and a slipsilk™ covering to be gentle on your delicate hair.

Haircare Products

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  1. Ashley said:
    Posted 1.18.18 · Reply

    Would love to see tutorial on how you style your hair!

  2. Michèle said:
    Posted 1.18.18 · Reply

    Must be nice to be rich. I’m not poor but expensive isn’t necessarily better.

    • Posted 1.18.18 · Reply

      I didn’t say these were better than other brands, they are just my personal favorites. I also only buy makeup products about once a year, so its worth the investment to me!

  3. Natali said:
    Posted 1.18.18 · Reply

    Tons of amazing products, some of them I’m using currently but some of them I haven’t tried yet and I’d love to.

  4. Pat said:
    Posted 1.18.18 · Reply

    I’m curious about the lash primer plus mascara; I have used a lash serum (different brand, same great effect) but now all my mascara looks clumpy. Does the primer help with that or make it worse? Thanks, I love your blog!

    • Posted 1.22.18 · Reply

      Thanks for stopping by! For me, the combination of the primer and Bobbi Brown mascara has not caused any clumps. The biggest thing I’ve noticed is how full my lashes look when I use the primer. Hope this helps! xx

  5. Dominique said:
    Posted 1.19.18 · Reply

    OMG. The Le Labo Rose perfume, Urban Decay Naked Palette, Kiehl’s Balm and Laura Mercier Translucent Powder are some of my faves too!

  6. Jessica said:
    Posted 1.19.18 · Reply

    Wow amazing products, simply awesome

  7. Shannon said:
    Posted 1.19.18 · Reply

    Will you please share where the pretty camel coat is from? Thanks!

    • Posted 1.22.18 · Reply

      Sorry, I’m not sure which camel coat you are referring to, I have worn a few different styles on the blog.

  8. Tali said:
    Posted 1.19.18 · Reply

    I’d like to see how you apply your makeup and how ea product looks on you.

  9. Sara said:
    Posted 2.17.21 · Reply

    I love these products! I want to try out the Tarte Shape Tape so badly!! Thanks for the deets!

    • Posted 2.18.21 · Reply

      It’s the best concealer! You won’t be disappointed!