Everyday FJ | May 1, 2021

Everyday FJ is a weekly series where I round up all the content of the week plus questions and requests straight from my readers and share it all in one big post. Here you’ll find answers about fashion, home, beauty and everything in between.

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Links & Questions

1. Cool athletic sneakers not GG

I'm always a fan of Vejas, but I also like these!

2. Affordable jeans and shorts

My favorite that are all under $100 are from Abercrombie! They have so many different jean fit options and I always end up getting a few pairs of denim shorts each season!

3. Love the diamond bangle you wear with your Love bracelet. Where is it from?

This one! It was a birthday gift (to myself) and I haven't taken it off since! Its so dainty and delicate and I just love how it completes my stack!

4. If you could only buy one designer bag, what would it be?

I got back and forth between my Celine Belt Bag or a classic Chanel. I say Chanel because its a timeless investment, but I use my Celine Belt Bag almost daily.

5. How do you keep jeans from stretching/becoming too loose with a few wears?

If you have a true 100% cotton denim pair, they are naturally going to stretch/relax due to the fabric. However my rule of thumb when buying rigid denim is if I can barely button them, thats the pair to buy because they WILL relax so much. Before I would go up a size, but after a few wears they just relaxed too much and created a "saggy" butt look.

6. Graduation dress options

16 options here! I love the black midi one!

7. The plastic tumbler you shared the other day with coffee?

Here! And I actually just found these glass tumblers and am planning to order a few!

8. White sneaker cleaner?

I really just use a damp white towel to wipe anything off. If there are harder stains, dawn dish soap or a magic eraser.

9. Did you end up liking the Dyson airwrap?

Yes and no. I'm keeping the airwrap. I ordered the longer barrels so I'm waiting to see how I like those better. I do like it for a good blow out though! Gives so much volume!

10. Comfortable and flattering bodysuits please!

I love these from Everlane and these from Abercrombie! I wear a small in both

Links & Questions Con't

11. What color are your nails right now? 

I got a new color that I hadn't tried before. OPI Love is in the Bare (dip). Its SUPER natural. Will definitely be on my rotation going forward!

12. Non floral wedding guest dresses?

Lots of options here, including some floral for those who would like that option!

13. The clear sweater dividers?

Here! Love how minimal they are

14. Where did you go to get your microneedling treatment?

The salon I've been going to for my facials, Luxe and Luna. I see Lily and she has been working wonders for my skin!

15. Favorite Jenni Kayne sweaters?

I love the cashmere fisherman, but you can't really wear those all year. The Everyday sweater is probably my most worn and versatile! Use code JACKSON15 for a discount!

16. Your favorite jewelry?

I love all of it, most pieces are sentimental (read this post). But most of my favorite items come from Ring Concierge!

17. How do you coordinate handbags and shoes?

I really don't care too much if my bags/shoes match perfectly. I actually prefer if the compliment each other instead of being a perfect match. Since my closet is all neutrals, really I can mix and match it all.

18. What is the boutique in Nashville you always shop at?

Emerson Grace! Hands down the best clothing boutique here. Its like going to Shopbop! Plus they have a great selection of jewelry.

19. Amazon thing to shorten purse chain you shared a while ago?

Here! It works so well. Yes to add or remove so you don't have to permanently change the strap length.

20. When you use the Artis brushes vs the beauty blender?

Its mainly just whichever one I grab first. But I feel like on days I am doing a full makeup look, I'll do the beauty blender and on my "no makeup makeup" days, I do the Artis oval 6 brush (use code AMY30 for a discount)

Weekly Top 5

1. Golden Goose Sneakers: In case you haven't heard, Golden Goose sneakers are on sale for nearly $100 off! Now is the time to grab a pair before the sale ends! Read this post for more details on Golden Goose sneakers.

2. Frame Jeans: I got this just about a week ago and have been wearing them NON-STOP. They are such a great fitting pair of jeans. I took my true size, but you can size up for a more forgiving fit. Light wash option here!

3. Black Dress: If you're going to buy a dress this week, let it be this one! It's on sale for under $50 and such a good staple. I've had mine for years (wash/dry) which is why it looks shorter, plus I'm 5'10. Fits true to size for me, wearing an XS.

4. Stripe Long Sleeve Top: I got this top last month and have been wearing it at least once a week. It's not heavy like a sweater, just light enough to wear as we transition into late spring. It will be perfect with shorts in a few weeks too! Fits true to size.

5. White Top: This is such a great top for spring/summer! I love the button front and puff sleeve detail! Fits TTS


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