Everyday FJ | September 5, 2020

Everyday FJ is a weekly series where I round up all the content of the week plus questions and requests straight from my readers and share it all in one big post. Here you’ll find answers about fashion, home, beauty and everything in between. 

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1. Best places for higher quality pieces - want basics for a minimal capsule closet!

Everlane & Jenni Kayne! Everlane will give you the larger assortment for quality basics as well as extended sizes. Their price points are great too. Jenni Kayne will be perfect for investing in those quality items you will have for years to come and they will never go out of style. For Jenni Kayne you can use code JACKSON20 for a discount.

2. What color is your Amazon necklace?

I have the yellow gold option!

3. When will you be sharing the next part of the series where you showcased reader beauty favorites? 

The reader favorites for skincare is scheduled in the next week or so! But I am starting a new monthly beauty series sharing what I bought that month, products I emptied, what's on my radar, hits/misses, etc. Excited to kick this off next week!

4. A blush that looks good/natural. Please don't say Orgasm by Nars. It doesn't work LOL.

Haha, well it's hard to say because all skin colors vary, but I have loved Sin by Nars for years. I really don't stray from it. I have used Charlotte Tilbury's Sex on Fire and I like that one as well, I just always go back to Sin.

5. What color do you use in IT Cosmetics CC Cream?

I wear Medium in the CC Cream! I just used the shade finder on Sephora since you can't test products in store and it was a perfect match. This is hands down my new favorite makeup product. I cannot recommend it enough!

6. How do you travel with multiple luxury handbags? Do you check or carry-on all of them somehow?

Definitely carry-on. Normally when I'm traveling for fun I tend to only take 2 with me. One will be my Celine which a use as my personal item on the plane, and one will be a smaller bag I can wear out at night. I make sure to use the dust bag and pack carefully in my carry-on luggage. However, when I have to travel for work and need multiple designer bags, I try and limit to bringing 3 (in addition to the Celine I use as my personal item). Again, use the dust bags and just pack carefully. Sometimes I pack my workout clothes or pajamas inside to help keep their shape. It typically just takes up one side of my carry-on suitcase, so I still have the other side for anything else. Most of the time I'm checking an additional bag, but I will always keep my designer physically with me.

7. Do you have a favorite chapstick or gloss for no lipstick days?

9 times out of 10 I'm never wearing lipstick and I'm only wearing my Kiehl's lip balm. It's the best I've ever used and I have them all of the house, handbags, car, etc. I feel like every time I'm at Sephora I grab a few more just to have on hand. This is the only one that has never dried out my lips. It has squalene, aloe vera, and vitamin e.

8. How do you deal with haters/trolls?

Ignore/restrict/block. I'm not going to let people who don't know me get under my skin because they want to be hateful. There is no need for it. I always wonder if the people who are mean online, walk up to strangers in public and start saying mean things to them....

9. You asked us for show ideas. What did people suggest and what did you love?

There were so many! But these were a few that sounded good: Succession, Reckoning, Umbrella Acadamey, The Americans, and Money Heist. I did start a fluff show (Will is not watching with me), called Younger. I saw Helena recommend it and it's SO good! I didn't think I would like it watching the trailer, but I'm hooked.

10. What was the cross-country move like from San Diego to Nashville? Any tips or insights? Thanks!

Honestly, it was a nightmare. Almost anything that could go wrong did. I won't really get into the details because it still triggers me. Maybe one day I'll write a post about it, but I will say be overly prepared. Start planning at least a month maybe even 6-8 weeks out. Definitely hire packers/movers (we did), but really research them and make sure you know the exact timelines, when items are arriving, what can/can't be packed. Micromanage it and be overly communicative. Make sure everything at your new place is ready to go when you arrive; electric/water/utilities/mail/etc as well is discontinued at your old place and double check it all. We had a few extra hiccups since we are were also closing the week we were arriving in Nashville, but at the end of the day, we are so happy to be here.

Link Requests

1. Your new desk!

It's actually a dining room table, but I needed more space for when my team is back in the office. I got it from RH, but this one is a great alternative!

2. Chevron cutting board in your kitchen

Here! I love to keep this one out on display because it's so pretty!

3. Your mouse pad

This one in tan/tan suede

4. Your everyday rings!

My everyday rings including the jewelry I wear everyday can be found in this post (with discount codes)!

5. Water/Iced Tea Glasses

I featured these in this post and love them (I have the tall and short), but I recently found these and think they are so unique!

6. Studded black booties you shared on Instagram

My Chloe booties! These boots are one of the first pair of designer shoes I bough. I love them in the fall with dresses. They fit true to size for designer shoes.

7. The two office light choices

Here and here! I think I'm going to get the first choice because I haven't seen it done as much and want something more unique!

8. Your blue light glasses

Here! They come in 10 options and under $20! So lightweight and comfortable too!

9. The shelf dividers you used to keep all your folded sweaters organized. 

Here! They are so great! You can use for sweaters, handbags, in the kitchen, bookends, etc.

10. Chic weekender duffle bag

This one! I love how it keeps the shoes separate from clothing and it has the strap to attach to luggage if needed. You can read more about it in this post!

Weekly Top 5 

1. I'm always on the look out for alternatives to Golden Goose sneakers since I know the price tag can be steep. I found these sneakers and they are a PERFECT alternative! They have the same styling without being a knock-off as well as the same wedge insole. They are probably the most comfortable pair of sneakers I've ever own, no joke. Fit runs big; I went down 1/2 a size. 

2. I got this coatigan last fall and it is truly one of the most worn pieces in my closet. It's easy to dress up or down, and most importantly comfortable! It sold out so fast last year, so if you're considering, make sure to buy while you can before its gone again! Fit is oversized; wearing an XS.

3. These linen face masks are probably my favorite I've found. They fit perfect and come in a ton of colors! The only downside is the shipping time (took about 2 weeks), but since there is no plan to stop wearing masks anytime soon, I didn't mind waiting.

4. My favorite booties (and maybe purchase) from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale are back in stock! I have both the cloud & cognac color, but I think I need to grab the white leather too!

5. Hands down the best white t-shirt you'll ever own. It's the only one I've been able to wear once a week, wash/dry, and it still looks new years later. Oh and it's not see through. Definitely worth it! I wear size small.

What I'm Loving

1. This sleep mask! I was never a sleep mask person until I bought this one (in bare) and oh my gosh its SO GOOD. It also feels like a pillow for my face.

2. This rug (blush) or this rug (taupe) for my office. I'm going to order both to see which one is best, but either way I know I'll be happy!

3. I got this powder (dim light) during my Sephora haul after some of your recommendations & I've been loving it paired with the IT Cosmetics CC Cream.

4. @megmo_fit workouts! I've been doing online training with her for a little over a month now and love that I can get a good burn/sweat in just 30 min! Perfect for my busy schedule.

5. This $20 hoodie which comes in 7 colors. The beige is my favorite!


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