What to Pack for a Ski Trip: Best Gear & Outfit Guide

Since Will and I met, Telluride has always been our favorite spot to go skiing. The town is truly magical, and if you've been, you know exactly what I'm talking about. The fact that it's the best ski town I've ever been to is just an added bonus! I’ve always loved skiing and make it a point to go a few times a year, but obviously couldn't this season. However, all my past ski trips have made me a self-proclaimed expert in exactly what to pack for the slopes! A lot of you have been asking about ski trip essentials lately, so I wanted to share all of my insight today from what to wear while skiing and après ski looks, to general winter vacation outfits. If you're lucky enough to live within driving distance of skiing, please know I am so jealous!

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Ski Gear

It can be a little overwhelming with all the ski gear options, however, below I'm sharing my favorite brands that I've loved wearing over the years. Really you only need one great ski jacket & pair of ski pants. But over the years I have added a few to my collection and bring 1-2 with me each trip just to mix things up.

Ski Jackets

Obermeyer has become my favorite for ski jackets. They are budget friendly and also offer a few color options, but I like to stick with black or white. I wear a US 4 in Obermeyer. I love that the hood & faux fur trim are detachable because sometimes its not necessary for all the extra layers.

Ski Pants

So this year I opted for ski bibs and I'm OBSESSED. They are incredibly comfortable and SO warm. I was very impressed. I know they are an investment, but when you consider how often you are skiing and cost per wear, plus the quality, its worth it in my opinion! This particular style you can remove the bib part so just wear them as pants if you want. I got so many compliments when I wore them on our recent Telluride ski trip. If you do want regular pants, these are a great option too.


I prefer to wear ski mittens vs. gloves while on the mountain. I have just found them to keep my hands warmer and I don't have to use hand warmers anymore! While I'm in town or not on the mountain, I have a pair of tech gloves- these keep my hands warm, but I'm also able to use my phone without removing them.


Layers are the most important thing when it comes to packing for a ski trip. You never know how cold its going to be on the mountain each day. It could be sunny and warm or snowing and freezing. Be careful though, because there is such a thing as too many layers. You don't want to cut off the circulation because then you will actually be more cold, even with all the layers!

Base Layers

Hot Chillys and Smartwool have become my favorite brands for base layering while keeping me warm and comfortable. I either wear this top or this top and these bottoms or these bottoms every time I go skiing. I got this turtleneck this year and loved it layered over the base layers.

Smartwool Socks

This brand is the best for keeping my feet warm and dry. These are my favorite pair.

Turtleneck Sweater

I always layer a turtleneck sweater on top of my base layers. The turtleneck provides added warmth and this one (similar here) is not only functional but fashionable! I was SO warm I actually had to take it off after lunch.

Ski Accessories

We can't forget about the accessories that are functional to complete your on-the-mountain look. These ski accessories are essential to staying warm and safe.

Ski Helmet

It is so important to wear a helmet when skiing or snowboarding. For obvious reason to help protect you from any injuries, but it also helps to keep your head warm. Most ski shops have helmets to rent, however, I prefer to have my own as its better quality.

Ski Goggles

The snow can be incredibly bright and almost blinding, so you must wear proper eye protection. I love my Smith ski goggles which fit right over my helmet. Make sure to get an alternate pair of lenses for different weather conditions.

Face Mask

On the coldest days I cannot ski without my face mask- especially going up the lifts! I love this one so much; its comfortable, breathable, and warm. Plus it can be worn as a face mask, neck gaiter, or full hood. I typically wear it as a full hood- I'll take all the warmth I can get!

Snow Boots

I typically wear a pair of snow boots to the lift and drop off in a locker, that way I have a pair of comfortable boots to slip into when I'm done skiing. I really dislike walking in ski boots more than I have to!

Winter Fashion

Dressing for the winter is one of my favorite seasons to dress for. I love layering, mixing textures, and overall the cozy look. Its so easy to pack for winter vacations and just bring a few different sweaters and pair with different winter accessories.

Parka/Puffer Jacket

I am obsessed with my Moncler jacket. I got it earlier this year because I knew we would be coming to Telluride for winter and really needed a new puffer coat. It has been the best investment for not only for our trip to Telluride, but for the winter season. I have never been cold wearing it, its comfortable, lightweight, and the hood & faux fur trim are detachable. If you're in the market for a new jacket- this is the one for you! I'm wearing a US4/XS.


I pretty much just pack cashmere sweaters for the entirety of the trip. I have found them to be the warmest, and I can wear them from day to night. Jenni Kayne has my favorite selection of cashmere sweaters that don't break the bank. Check out this post for all my Jenni Kayne sweaters.


I typically just wear jeans or my faux leather leggings at night- or when I'm not on the mountain. I don't really need anything warmer because my cashmere sweaters layered with the Moncler jacket keeps me incredibly warm.

Winter Accessories

I love layering my looks with cozy winter accessories. From cashmere scarves and beanies, to gloves and booties, these are just a few of my favorite pieces to wear for aprés ski!

Winter Boots

You can't go to a ski town without proper footwear. These are a little different from the snow boots you wear after skiing. They are a little more fashion forward, but still keep your feet incredibly warm. I have been more than pleased with this pair from Marc Fisher. My feet have stayed warm and dry all season. I didn't do anything to protect them, and they still look as good as new!


I don't wear hats often, but a beanie for those really chilly days is a great way to keep my head warm. I lived in mine this entire trip!

Scarves & Gloves

Again, more essential pieces for layering especially into the evening as the sun goes down and it gets more cold out. I love my cashmere scarves from Cashmere Red in Telluride (similar here). For gloves I'll typically stick to my tech gloves mentioned earlier.

See below for more outfit inspiration for a winter vacation. Don't forget to check out my Telluride Travel Guide if you're planning a trip there soon!

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  1. Kim said:
    Posted 3.10.19 · Reply

    Do you wear your snow boots on the plane? I’m dying because they take up half my suitcase-Sorel Joan of Arc

  2. Posted 3.11.19 · Reply

    Love this post! Our family is heading out to Colorado in Friday and this guide totally helps! Thank you for putting this together!

    • Posted 3.11.19 · Reply

      of course! so happy to hear it was helpful! have fun! xx

  3. Raquel said:
    Posted 3.11.19 · Reply

    Hi! Is your Bogner parka the exact one linked? I noted that the one linked is Fire&Ice and has a different logo. In a market for a new parka. Thanks so much

    • Posted 3.11.19 · Reply

      mine is a couple years old, so they might have updated the logo, but its exactly the same other than that!

  4. Tia said:
    Posted 3.12.19 · Reply

    What are your sunglasses?! Both the blocky ones and aviators. Love them!

    • Posted 12.17.19 · Reply

      They are both Celine! The aviators are no longer available, but the black pair are linked here

  5. Leona said:
    Posted 1.12.20 · Reply

    Hi! What size are your North Face ski pants?

    Thanks so much!

  6. Cammye Mcvay said:
    Posted 1.30.20 · Reply

    Hey There! In the gondola photo, you re wearing a pair killer black winter booties with black fur/shearling. What brand are those? Need them for my upcoming trip to Aspen! Love your blog!