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Favorite lip balm/stain/stick?

Hands down this one in "Very Victoria" and line with this in "Pillowtalk". I always go back to this combo no matter what. I also swear by this lip balm! I have the spread out all over the place; my car, bathroom, travel cases, handbags, office, nightstand, etc.

I love your natural makeup - what is your daily makeup routine?

Thank you! I have mini tutorial saved on my Instagram highlights under "beauty". Currently, these are the products I use: Primer, foundation is either this one or this oneconcealer (#3), pressed powder for my face (2 medium), bronzer/highlighter, blush (sex on fire), eyeshadow (minimalist), sometimes this eyeliner, brow pencil (002), brow gel (super model), mascara (if needed), lip balm, lip liner (pillowtalk), lipstick (very victoria).

What's your favorite concealer?

It has been this one (#3) since they day they launched. Sometimes for extra coverage I will pair with this one and also use this setting powder for a filter-like finish. The combination is magic! I use this makeup blender for the concealer and this brush for the setting powder.

What's your favorite foundation?

Right now I'm wearing this one (#204) for lightweight coverage. It's incredibly lightweight and feels so hydrating. This one is another that I love, but its a heavier coverage, so I really only use if I'm shooting pictures for the blog. I always apply my foundation with this brush.

How do you store your makeup & brushes at home & when traveling?

At home I use this container and this container for my makeup drawer. For the brushes I use an empty Diptyque candle jar. When traveling, I like these cases from Cuyana. For my brushes I just use a water glass from the hotel. I also love to use this case for packing my brushes.

What are your daily makeup brushes you swear by?

All of them are linked in this post, including an easy way to care for them!

Skin Care

What is Your Evening skin care routine?

All the products I use can be found in this post. I also have an Instagram highlight called "skincare" which has my evening routine on video.

What face wash do you use? 

I cannot live without this face balm; I have both the original and the rose scent and love both. The balms gets EVERYTHING off my face; its so gentle and super hydrating.

What moisturizer do you use?

I have a few favorites depending on how my skin is feeling that day/week and also for day/night. My go-to for the day will always be the Elemis pro-collagen moisturizer with SPF. Its so important to wear SPF during the day. For night, I love the La Mer moisturizing creme. Its rich cream that deeply soothes, moisturizes and helps heal dryness so skin looks naturally vibrant and restored to health. Another option I wear at night is the Elemis Pro-Collagen Oxygenating Night Cream. This is a clinically proven formula that works with your skin's natural regeneration process.

Favorite eye cream?

Again, I have two that I alternate between. This serum from Elemis targets the fine lines and wrinkles around the delicate eye area, smoothing skin for a more youthful appearance. I typically use this during the day because its a little more lightweight. For night I love this one by Colleen Rothschild. It has a blend of retinol and vitamin C help revitalize the delicate skin around the eyes. If you haven't used retinol before, then I would start slow with this and just monitor how your skin reacts. I'm fine using it every night.

One product you can't live without?

This was SO hard, but I would have to say Vintner's Daughter Serum. I have being using it for yearsssss and I promise you every drop is worth it. My skin has never looked for felt better. Now, for the ultimate combo, pair it with Vintner's Daughter Essence and you'll have incredible skin!

Do you get Botox or fillers?

Never have.

What is your favorite mask?

I'm a little lazy when it comes to masks, so this one is PERFECT for me. I apply at night and it just soaks in, so I never have to sit around and wait to remove it. If I'm not feeling lazy, I like this one!

How do you deal with puffy eyes in the morning?

I swear by these eye masks and this ice roller! I keep the eye masks in the fridge and the ice roller in the freezer. I apply first thing in the morning while I'm making my coffee and starting my daily routine. I only roll the ice roller for about 3-5 min, until it has reached room temperature. The eye masks I leave on for 20 min, then start my morning skin care routine.

Do you use self-tanner? If so, what brand?

Yes I do! I have tried a lot over the past few years and most recently I can say that this one has become my #1. It gives the best natural tan, stays put the longest, doesn't smell like self-tanner at all, and I can see an INSTANT change. I started with medium first, and then worked by way to dark. I like to apply at night, then rinse in the morning. If it happens to get on any thing white (like your sheets), to completely washes out. I just wear long sleeves/pants to bed on the nights that I apply. Also, this self-tanning mitt is the best on the market. It's so soft and makes application flawless.

What is your favorite body lotion?

I bought this during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (33.8 oz) and it's lasted me almost a year - my favorite lotion ever!

Hair Care

Current shampoo & conditioner?

I alternate between this set of shampoo & conditioner and this set of shampoo & conditioner. I find that after a few weeks using one set, my hair starts to get used to one, and if I switch it up, it bounces back to life! This is also a great hair mask I use once a week. My hair has never felt healthier/stronger.

How often do you wash your hair?

I currently wash my hair 1-2 times a week. Sometimes if I have an extra gym class or event I'll wash it an extra time, but I try and limit to two or less.

How long does your dry shampoo last & how often do you use it?

I've never kept track of how long it lasts, but I would say 4-6 months. I use it about 2-3 times a week. I wash my hair about 2 times a week, and on some of the off-days I apply dry shampoo. However, after using 2 days in a row, I find I don't need to apply anymore. I only apply to my roots and hairline framing my face.

How do you style/curl your hair?

I have a hair tutorial on my IGTV demonstrating my beachy waves tutorial. You can also read this post, it's pretty similar, except now I straighten the bottom 2" of my hair with a Chi to make the look more "undone". This also gives the illusion of longer hair! I use the T3 convertible 1" wand (and base).

What do you do to prevent your hair from damage and deal with split ends? 

There are a few products that I use consistently to help keep my hair healthy and strong. Before using any hot tools, I always apply a heat protectant. This one has been a favorite as it doesn't leave extra build up or oils afterwards. This bonding oil is great if my hair is feeling dry. And I always apply this split end seal to the ends of my hair after styling.

Any hair must-have products?

Besides what I have listed above, this hair brush has been an absolute game changer. I never knew I would love a hair brush as much as this one. When I shared it on Instagram stories last month, I got so many messages from you all saying you ordered it and how much you loved it too! Highly recommend!

Last would be the Dyson hair dryer. I could talk about this until I'm blue in the face. Its the best hair dryer I've ever used - you an read more about it in this post!



What is your favorite fragrance?

Le Labo Rose 31, Byredo Mojave Ghost, and Jo Malone Oud & Bergamont are the ones I alternate between all year. I've had Le Labo and Byredo for years, and Jo Malone is my newest purchase from 2019.

Do you agree that Le Labo fades away so quickly?

I've actually never heard this, or noticed it. I do know that after wearing a fragrance for a while, you don't notice it as much.

How do you travel with perfume?

Since mine is under 3 oz, I just pack it in my handbag. Its great because after a long flight, it's nice to be able to freshen up!

Misc. Beauty

Was microblading your brows worth it? Will you continue to do it over the years.

Absolutely! I over tweezed mine in high school and 20 years later, I'm paying for it. I wish I would have listened to my mom and left them alone! I love waking up and having perfect looking brows. I just recently went to Danny in Del Mar (Lashes: Lashes) and she did an incredible job! It isn't painful, it can be a little uncomfortable, but totally worth it. For days that I want them looking extra filled and good for camera I will use this brow pencil (002) and this brow gel (super model).

How do you feel about lash extensions? Do you have them? 

I got lash extensions almost a year ago to see if I would like them for my wedding and I loved them so much I have continued to get them filled once a month. I naturally have VERY long lashes, but they are minimal, so I could never get the fullness I was looking for. I love this lash serum and still use it to help keep my lashes long and healthy, and I still wear mascara on my bottom lashes. Sometimes when my extensions are starting to look a little sparse, I will gently apply mascara to the corners and tips of my top lashes.

How do you travel with your beauty products?

I'm obsessed with this makeup case, and its under $30! It does take up more room, so I only use it if I'm checking a bag, but everything is super protected in it. I also love this case if I don't use the one previously mentioned. I typically put this in my carry-on tote for travel.

What is your nail color & what do you ask for?

I get a dip manicure and gel pedicure about once a month. I have been using this color for a while now and love it! It's the perfect white with a hint of pink. Note: take your own into the salon to help protect against germs. Also some salons add thinner to make the polish last longer in the bottle, but it reduces the paint quality. I prefer this color over anything else because it will always work with whatever I'm wearing and compliments my skin tone best.

Do you care about using natural/clean products or not so much?

Yes! I definitely try to use natural/clean beauty products as much as possible. I'm still testing out products to see what items I can replace in my current routine. One brand I'm loving right now for body is Necessaire. Will and I are obsessed with their body wash, exfoliators, and body lotion. Will even said their deodorant is the best he has ever used! You can get a discount on their products by using my code FJ10.

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  1. Jillian said:
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    What settings do you use on your dyson? I can’t seem to nail mine down so that my hair doesn’t feel dry

    • Posted 3.21.19 · Reply

      I actually do it on the highest settings so that my hair will dry faster!

  2. Emily said:
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    Where did you get your brows microbladed in Dallas?

  3. Posted 7.24.20 · Reply

    I agree! there are a few game changing hair brush which is worth buying. lovely tips, thanks for sharing this and keep blogging.