Everyday FJ | July 3, 2021

Happy Saturday! Today I'm switching gears and dedicating this Everyday FJ to my personal favorites! My friend Emma had her readers ask her, "what's your favorite _______", and I thought it would be fun to do the same! I got an overwhelming response from you guys so I'm going to answer the 20 most asked 20below and share more on Instagram stories later today! If you're new here, Everyday FJ is a weekly series where I round up all the content of the week plus questions and requests straight from my readers and share it all in one big post. Here you’ll find answers about fashion, home, beauty and everything in between.

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My Favorite...

1. Concealer

So if you would have asked me a couple weeks ago, I would have said Shape Tape. However, now I'm trying to be more mindful of the ingredients in products I'm using and just switched to this one. It is a VERY close #2 and I'm very happy with the switch!

2. Jeans

This was the question I got asked the most, but also favorites in terms of color and price point. So I'm going to lump them all into one! These are my all time favorite pair. These are my favorite white jeans, these are my favorite white jeans with stretch, these are my favorite summer jeans, these are my favorite black skinny jeans, and this are my favorite non-ripped jeans.

3. Country you've visited & why

Ive been to 20+ countries in my life and hands down, Greece! This was a destination that had been on my list for decades. Will had never been either, so we made it the first stop on our honeymoon. We stayed in Santorini for a week and it was the most unbelievable experience. Everything from how friendly the people were, to the hotel, scenery, food, and activities.

4. Handbag

Definitely my Celine Mini belt bag. It's been my most used handbag since the day I got it 5 years ago. I love it so much, I recently purchased the Celine Micro belt bag as a small option in black.

5. Episode of The Office

My favorite TV show was asked a lot and while it used to be Friends, The Office has become my favorite over the past few years. With that said, there are a lot of episodes that I really love, basically all the ones that pull at my heart-strings and I will cry EVERY.TIME. But my all-time favorite episode of The Office, Dinner Party.

6. Perfume

I have a few that I rotate between, but this one has been my favorite for years!

7. Go-to Drink

Lots of questions about my favorite "drink", so I'll share them all by category! My coffee/Starbucks order is an iced almond milk dirty chai. My favorite cocktail is a mezcal spicy margarita. My favorite alcoholic beverage is Shramsberg sparkling rosé and non-alcoholic is Italian Grapefruit Soda from Sprouts.

8. Shoes

Again, lots of requests for my favorite shoes so I'll break them out by category. All time and can be worn nearly all year, are my Chanel slingbacks. They are so timeless, go with nearly every outfit, and elevate even the simplest white t-shirt and jeans look. My favorite sneakers are my newest pair of Golden Goose of the moment. Typically when I get a new pair, I wear them with EVERYTHING and don't reach for my others as much. Which means I should probably be better about parting with some. Favorite sandals are my Hermès. I wear these more than any other shoe in the summer. Definitely worth it!

9. Weekend activity

Trying a new spot for a leisurely brunch followed up with either lounging by the pool if its nice out or cleaning/organizing listening to a good playlist. The latter might sound odd, but I don't have a lot of time during the week and I find it therapeutic to clean/organize.

10. Eye Cream

I have been using this one for a few years now and still haven't found anything better! Use code FIREWORKS for 20% off

My Favorites Con't

11. Favorite part of your job

Styling outfits, and connecting with you via DMs. It is a challenge getting back to everyone, but I love when you reach out and I can help with something! There are a few of you I've been chatting with for years and it's just such a fun part of the "job"

12. Outfit you have put together

Recently, this one (haha VERY recent). It was a little out of my comfort zone and something I've never done before and turns out I really loved it! Of all time, its definitely going to be a fall outfit because I love layering. These were all of my favorite looks from 2020 (all seasons), but I think this look was my favorite.

13. Restaurant of all time

Tony's Jacal in Solana Beach. This restaurant has "been in our family" for decades. No we don't own it, but both my mom and dad's side of the family started going here when my parents were little kids, and my mom ate there when she was pregnant with me weekly (I'm sure). Honestly some of my favorite memories are at this Tony's. We had so many family celebrations, surprises, reunions, and good-byes here; Will and I even had our rehearsal dinner here. Its a must for me anytime I'm back in San Diego!

14. Foundation

This is a newer favorite of mine (only been using it for a few months), but my friend recommended this one and I've been reaching for it ever since!

15. Song that puts you in a good mood

September by Earth, Wind and Fire

16. Home decor site

Burke Decor! It can be a tad overwhelming because they have so many products, but if you have an idea of what you're looking for, or need, 99% chance they will have it! They have everything from furniture, lighting, patio, decor, bed and bath linens, rugs, and so much more! Anytime I need something for the house, this is the first place I look.

17. Vacation in the US

This is SO hard because it depends on time of year, and what kinda of vacation I'm in the mood for (city, nature, relax, etc). But I'm going to say Telluride, CO and the reason is this is typically the one place I go and can almost 100% turn off from work and actually enjoy it as a vacation. It also helps that because its a smaller town and I've been so often, I don't feel like I'm missing out if we don't "do everything". Speaking of, we just booked our summer vacation to be there in August! I'm actually SUPER excited because I've only been December - April, never in the summer months, so I can't wait to see the change in scenery!

18. Chanel bag you own

Definitely my pre-owned Chanel backpack. I feel like its so unexpected, and less traditional. It goes with SO many outfits and its actually super functional. For reference I have the Large Urban Spirit backpack with gold hardware in black calfskin.

19. Self-care activity

Something spa related; either a facial, massage, or mani/pedi and then sitting in my car after in silence for like 20 min just unwinding. IYKYK.

20. Your favorite food

If I'm going out to eat, it's going to be sushi, always. If it's something I'm making at home, tacos. Any kind; can be breakfast tacos, or just random veggie tacos for dinner, I don't care. Tacos are life.

Top 5 Amazon Items

1. Leopard Print Midi Skirt: I got this skirt from Somewhere Lately's Amazon Drop collection last year and still love it! I styled it with one of my Drop collection tops (no longer available), but found this similar one! Fits TTS; wearing xs.

2. Black Woven Sandals: These are a great summer beach/pool everyday sandal. I love the woven design and would wear with shorts, dresses, skirts, and jeans; they will really go with everything! Comes in tan too.

3. Beige Long Blazer: I really love blazers, not just for the office. Paired with a t-shirt and denim shorts for a casual weekend look or you can dress up with trousers for the work. Also comes in black and white!

4. White Ruffle Sleeve Mini Dress: This is such a good summer dress and it comes in so many colors! It's lined and has pockets too! Fits TTS; wearing a small.

5. Sun Visor: I got this visor for the pool and it has great shade coverage. It rolls up so well so it would be super easy to travel with. Comes in more colors too.


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